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Political games are funny games about politics and government. Toss your political views aside and play these wacky games about famous politicians. Play president for a day in these political games on AddictingGames.

Iron Order 1919

Flags Maniac

Even More Capitals Of The World Level

Regions of Denmark

Countries of South America

States of Brazil

Flags of Europe

Departments of Colombia

Capitals of North America


Starving Artist

States of Austria

Regions of Czech Republic

Supremacy 1914

Trump Run

Presidential Candidate or EveryJoe?

Stick War 2

Shopping Street

Record Shop Tycoon

World Wars

NBA Shootout

Axis of Evil

Mortgage Meltdown

Escape From the Oval Office


Save the Witness

Sarah Palin DressUp

Election Jammer 2008

Pandemic 2

Hot Dog Bush

Dress Up Barack

Dress Up Hillary

Splat Em

Downing Street Fighter

UN Weapons Inspector

Presidential Knockout

Political Games


What are the most popular Political Games?

  1. Pandemic 2
  2. Oiligarchy
  3. World Wars
  4. Hot Dog Bush
  5. Stick War 2
  6. Dumbocalypse
  7. Supremacy 1914
  8. Battleground States 2008
  9. Shopping Street
  10. Record Shop Tycoon

What are the best Political Games to play on phones?

  1. Flags Maniac
  2. Even More Capitals Of The World Level
  3. Trump Run
  4. Supremacy 1914
  5. Presidential Candidate or EveryJoe?

What are Political Games?

Political games are games that have either government or famous politicians as the subject of the game. Some of these games star your favorite American politicians as characters, heroes, villains, or as props. Politics can get kind-of messy and make everyone wary of each other. However, whether you’re left or right, Republican or Democrat, you can find a game that you’ll enjoy. Play with your favorite politicians in these hilarious political games at Addicting Games. You can find all sorts of genres within this tag. We have political games like the brain teaser, Escape from the Oval Office. We also have a funny and random game called, HotDog Bush, which is a time-management game about selling hot dogs in New York. These games don’t take themselves seriously so take a break from the crazy world of politics. You can let out your frustrations by playing the fighting game, Presidential Knockout. Or maybe you’re more interested in how it all works? Run your own government in the tycoon game, Oiligarchy. There’s a variety of genres to choose from in political games so check them out!

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