Platform Games

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The original and still one of the best genres of games available.

Parkour Climb

Jump Bunny Jump

Samurai Rampage


Mercurial Story

Zombie Killer

Deadswitch 3


Street Race Fury

Eggcellent Equations

Glass Adventures

Bugongo: Greenhill

Swatch Swap

Hidden Math Gems

Neon Block

Heatwave Antarctica

Tower of Hanoi


Falling Blocks

Tower Run

Stack Colors


Figure It Out

Jelly Math Run

Subway Runner

18 Holes

Unlock Block

Maya Golf 2

Neon Math

Santa Runner

Crossy Cat

Chicky Jumper

Beat Hop

Gemotrical Dash

Platform Games


What are the most popular Platform Games?

  1. Potty Racers
  2. Territory War
  3. Electric Man 2
  4. Stickman Swing
  5. Crush the Castle 2
  6. Effing Worms
  8. Zombocalypse
  9. Earn to Die Super Wheel
  10. Endless Truck

What are the best Platform Games to play on phones?

  1. Punch Golf
  2. Burger Toss
  3. Gem Crush
  4. Endless Truck
  5. WormBird

What are Platform Games?

Platform games are free side-scrolling games. The wide world of platform games can be many things to many players. A platform game might be a side-scrolling adventure where players run and jump from platform to platform as they run across the screen or jump up and down it. in these games, you may have RPG elements that allow you to upgrade your character and accomplish objectives and campaigns as you run. Another form of platform game is 2-D puzzles where players need to figure out how to move, demolish, or otherwise organize items on the screen in order to close the level. Sometimes platform-puzzle-style games involve swapping places with objects, interacting with portals, and moving characters from one side of the screen to the other. In all platform games, you can be assured that you'll be dealing with a 2-D game where the use of platforms is integral to the gameplay in one way or another. Platform games are some of the oldest and most beloved of all video games and have truly earned their status as a classic genre of gaming.