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Maps games are games that let you show off your vast geographic knowledge. Travel across the world or test your memorization of the United State map in these educational games. 

Flags Maniac

Countries Of The World Level 3

Even More Capitals Of The World Level

Capitals Of The World Level 2

Countries Of The World Level 2

Flags of South America

Flags of North America

Provinces of Argentina

Countries of North America

Regions of Denmark

Countries of South America

States of Mexico

Provinces of Belgium

States of Brazil

Counties of Croatia

Countries of Europe

Districts of the USA

Parishes of Jamaica

Capitals of South America

Provinces and territories of Canada

US States

Flags of Europe

Departments of Colombia

Capitals of North America

Provinces of the Dominican Republic

China Temple Mahjong

Capitals Of The World

Countries Of The World Trivia

Khan Wars

Regions of Finland

States of Austria

Civilization Wars: All-Stars

US State Capitals

Countries Of Asia

Play Geography: South America

Maps Games


What are the most popular Maps Games?

  1. 50 States
  2. Civilization Wars: All-Stars
  3. Dead Zed
  4. Supremacy 1914
  5. Play Geography: 50 States
  6. Battle Sails
  7. US States
  8. Countries Of The World Level 3
  9. Record Shop Tycoon
  10. Battalion Commander

What are the best Maps Games to play on phones?

  1. Capitals Of Europe
  2. Flags Maniac
  3. China Temple Mahjong
  4. Even More Capitals Of The World Level
  5. Civilization Wars: All-Stars

What are Maps Games?

Map Games will show you the world. Have you ever thought about how big the world is? Have you ever truly wondered about your place in the overall scope and scale of the universe? With our selection of Map Games, you'll be able to exceed all borders and maybe find yourself in the process. Our collection of map games are designed to be fun as well as educational. You can use them to test your knowledge of geography like in Play Geography or 50 States and you can use our games to take a trip like in Caravan Beast. After all, all of our map games are designed with you, the gamer, in mind. The world is truly your oyster and our massive selection of curated map games allow you to shuck that oyster, dip it in some Mignonette sauce and slurp it up. We are the internets premiere site for free games and lucky for you that includes a world-spanning series of geography games. So, get ready to transcend some borders and have a ball learning about the world around you.