High Scores Games

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High Score games are games where you can see how you rank against other players. These games let you submit your scores to see if you're the best or if you still have some work to do. What are you waiting for? Submit your score and show us your skills!

VIP Slot Machine

Pool Mania

Old School Hangman


Dragon Hunter

Fast Circles


Missile Madness

Match Zoo

Odius Dot Fly

Mahjong Connect Classic

Speed Billiards

Hunting Challenge

Brain Trainer

Bubble Spirit

Munch Monsters

Frantic Math

Spin N Win

Fruit Salad Bow

Factory Rush

Pizza Whiz

Running Circle

Reach 2048

Falling Dots Fly

Bottle Flip Challenge

Word Trail


Fruit Crush Frenzy

Quick Math

Stretch Sums

Battle Ships

Fractional Treasure

Number Worms

Opposites Attract

Reversi Neon

Goalkeeper Challenge

High Scores Games


What are the most popular High Scores Games?

  1. Smarty Bubbles
  2. Jewelish Blitz
  3. 3D Free Kick
  4. Burger Tycoon
  5. Oiligarchy
  6. Flight
  7. Governor of Poker
  8. The Idiot Test
  9. Into Space 2
  10. Endless Truck

What are the best High Scores Games to play on phones?

  1. Street Driver
  2. Stretch Sums
  3. Pictile
  4. VIP Slot Machine
  5. Pool Mania

What are High Scores Games?

Highscore Games are the inevitable end of competitive online games! If you don't just like to play but also feel the need to win and brag about it, then our collection of Highscore Games are probably perfect for you!  After all, there are all kinds of ways to get high scores in the gaming world. Some do it by simply out-lasting the other players and watching their score climb as they survive like you see in games like Crazycycle. Some are race games that reward speed, persistance, and the ability to stay ahead of the pack like in Electric Racing of course we also offer a full compliment of sports relted high-score games which will have you practicing your jumpshot in or taking a few swings like in 4th and Goal or Soccer Pro. As with all of our game sections we have handpicked the finest and most accessible free Highscore Games available online. We have scoured the web, sifted through tons of casual games and other web games to bring you only the finest experience in highscore gaming. We know that gamers are competitive by nature, and highscore games are the most elegant way to measure and share your success.