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Block games are here whether you wanna stack 'em up or knock 'em down.

Unlock Block

The Sea Rush

Santa's Quest

Make A Shape

Voxel Bot

Pixel Factory

Lines and Blocks 2


Extreme Blocks

Block Twist

Wallpaper Connect

Tetrablocks Puzzle



Dropdom Jewel Bast

Cube Trap


Extreme Vexed

Get it Filled 2


Fruity Flavour

Pocket Jump


Fruit Flip Match 3

Cube Crash 2

Flip Cube

Car Parking

Candy House

Halloween Connect

Slide And Roll

Illuminate 1

Daily Flood

Cube Crash

7x7 Ultimate

Amazing Cube Adventure

Block Games


What are the most popular Block Games?

  1. Red Remover
  2. Super Stacker 2
  3. Shards
  4. Dropdom Jewel Bast
  5. Bloxorz
  6. Isoball 2
  7. Portal Stacker
  8. Candy House
  9. Rockoblox 2
  10. BoxMan

What are the best Block Games to play on phones?

  1. Santa's Quest
  2. Flat Jewels
  3. Cube Rotate
  4. The Sea Rush
  5. Blocky Cats

What are Block Games?

Block games are free puzzle games. In a 2-Dimensional world full of blips, pixels, and bloops, only the block is king. Sometimes with block games, you'll need to push, pull, or drag the blocks into position. Sometimes you'll need to click, tap, or swipe to erase them from existence. You might need to line them up, you might need to knock them down, you might need to re-arrange them based on color or size. Block games are a versatile and engaging type of puzzle that will test every facet of your puzzle-solving skills. Block games are an all-encompassing type of realtime puzzle game where you will be responsible for organizing falling blocks, deleting wrong colored blocks, and re-arranging blocks. Block games can be any kind of game. While they are mostly sometimes of puzzle game we also have a few games which can be categorized as action games, racing games, and even stacking games. Our selection of block games mixes retro-minimalism with modern graphics and mechanics to offer you a new and exciting thrill almost every time you sit down to play, so, sit down, strap in and try not to get blocked.